New Financial Start-Up Touts Its Security with Biometrics

NEW YORK -- National Identity Security, Inc. will begin shipping on June 27, 2005 their Biometrics Identity Theft and Credit/ Check Fraud Detection Products for Personal Identity, Credit Card/Check Fraud that use National Identity Security's Biometrics Authentication Technology with 100% Identity Theft and Fraud FREE.

National Identity Security, Inc. supports its Biometrics Authentication Technology that authenticates the person. It is like DNA; no two persons DNA are alike and it cannot be duplicated. With this technology, you are capable of eliminating personal identity theft and credit card/check fraud for any type of transactions. National Identity Security's BAT will supports Ingenico and HPP's signature and debit capture terminals for banks and retails. The technology, not only captures the signature, it also validates the person at the register by signature and/or personal profile in real time with the use of National Identity Security's BAT.

National Identity Security, Inc.'s new products, National Identity Personal Profile, and its' National Authentication Identity Systems Products are independent systems for banks, merchants, card insurers, and individual users. These systems do not need to be a component of the Bank, VISA, American Express, MasterCard or Discover process network or any electronic payments system to use National Authentication Identity System Secured Network.

Sales Director, R. Johnston, says National Identity Security's mission is to eliminate 100% Identity Theft and Fraud in the marketplace, which is valued at over $50 Billion per year, thus, in doing so guarantees individuals and companies up to $25,000 per transaction. He assures Banks, VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover or any other card issuers (department stores etc.) merchants and individuals that there won't be any fraudulent transactions with National Identity Security's National Authentication Identity System.

National Identity Security's is now available to Banks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Merchants, and other card issuers. There is no cost for the use of National Authentication Identity System. The only charge will be two cents ($0.02) per transaction to validate the person's identity per transaction.

National Identity Security's National Authentication System will never have a security breech in processing any type of transactions. National Authentication Identity System processes the person's identity; not the card or the card issuer, so there is no exposure to the national electronic payment system where there has been a breach of security in the past.