Fujinon Unveils Line of Lenses for Homeland Security Applications

Fujinon now offers a broad product range designed specifically to meet the expansive needs of today's homeland security market. The company has announced a series of high-performance zoom lenses with varying degrees of focal lengths. In addition to Fujinon's best-selling C55x20 series (20-1100mm, 40-2200mm with a 2x extender) and C22x17 series (17-374mm) zooms, several new lenses within the range designed for security and surveillance are now available. Crucial environments such as homeland security, airport and seaport security, harbor surveillance and air traffic control surveillance, are ideal applications for the entire product range.

First introduced at the ASIS convention last September, the new 60x zoom lens series, including the D60x12.5 1/2-inch super telephoto lens, has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm. At only 354mm long, its cost-efficient price point and compact size make it a powerful choice for corporate, security, and government video professionals looking for a long-range surveillance lens. The D60x12.5 product ranges features Iris Override and Day/Night capability with an extended focal length and a selection of control methods between conventional CCTV control and RS232C serial control. The Iris Override function allows operators to manually control iris adjustments.

Along with the D60x12.5, Fujinon's new C22x23 series also made its worldwide debut at the recent ASIS convention. The 22x zoom lens is the sister model of Fujinon?s top-selling C22x17 series, with a longer focal length and an enhanced feature set. The C22x23 series has a focal length range of 23mm to 506mm, achieving a focal length of over 500mm in a one-inch format. Because of its extended focal range, this lens may not require a 2x extender, ensuring sharper, faster, and brighter images. The dimensions of the C22x23 series are identical with C22x17 series, ensuring that the lenses fit within existing housing, while delivering over a 500mm telephoto image. The C22x23 series also features Iris Override, Day Night Capability and can be controlled via a conventional CCTV control or an RS232C serial control.

Fujinon continues to strongly support its full range of zoom lenses designed for the security industry. Included among those are: the C55x20, H22x11.5 and the C22x17. The C55x20 series has focal length range of 20-2200mm with the highest optical quality available within any security market. The series boasts high-accuracy servo control, along with Day/Night capability, and RS232C serial control.

Fujinon's H22x11.5 series is also a sister lens to the C22x17 (in addition to the new C22x23) for the 2/3" format. The H22x11.5 series has a focal length range of 11.5-253mm with a maximum relative aperture of F1.6, providing a highly illuminated image in a long focal length package. The H22x11.5 is available with conventional CCTV control or Day/Night capability with RS232C serial or servo control.

Based upon the success of its high-performance optics and 17-374mm focal length range, Fujinon?s C22x17 series continues its leadership position as the optics of choice for the homeland security market. Day/Night capability was recently added to expand the options for the series.

Fujinon's CCTV division, utilizing technology from company?s broadcast lens division, provides lenses that create high-quality pictures for all surveillance applications. Fujinon's CCTV products, including fixed focal length, Vari-Focal length, and Day/Night lenses, complement the world's longest 60x zoom lens. No other manufacturer offers a more complete lineup. Fujinon is moving forward to meet your security needs.

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