Toshiba Releases New HVR Series of Hybrid DVRs

IRVINE, CA -- Toshiba's Digital Solutions Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. and a provider of networked video surveillance technology for enterprise-class applications, today launched its HVR Series of hybrid digital video recorders (DVR), a new breed of DVR that bridges the gap between analog CCTV systems and IP-based networked digital video.

Incorporating many of the legacy features that have made the Toshiba Surveillix line of digital recorders one of the most specified DVRs in the security industry - such as field upgradeable hard drives, PTZ controls, large storage capacities up to 2TB, RAID 5 compatibility, plus simultaneous search, playback and backup capabilities - the new HVR Series goes a step further, offering a future-proof recording solution that supports the transition from analog to network video applications.

Key to the success of the HVR is its ability to simultaneously support as many as 16 IP-based Toshiba network cameras or select models from Axis along with up to 32 analog cameras. Network cameras are recorded at speeds as fast as 480 pictures per second (PPS), while analog inputs record at speeds up to 30 PPS with resolutions as high as 720 x 480 using a proprietary MJPEG compression method that minimizes file size without compromising image quality. Models are available with 16 channels of audio, and the HVR does provide 2-way audio between a remote and the server.

The HVR forms the backbone of a surveillance system, fusing together IP-camera video and audio with the NTSC signals of analog cameras, and transmitting this critical information to be received by external storage devices, NTSC/PAL monitors, network switches, or routers that in turn send streams via the Internet to PCs, notebooks or Internet-ready cellphones. This remote capability makes the HVR especially beneficial for video surveillance of multiple-site facilities such as school campuses, retain chains, or corporate offices.

Toshiba Multi-Site SCS software, included with the HVR, permits the remote management of more than 100 Toshiba Surveillix video servers and gives users instant access for configuration, viewing, searching, exporting files, remote upgrades and alarm monitoring.

The Toshiba HVR Series consists of 11 unique recorders, ranging from an entry level 60 PPS, 8-channel version to a high-end Fault Tolerant 480 PPS, 32-channel model.