Dynamic Imaging High Tech Cameras to Be Used at L.A. Police Stations

MARLTON, N.J. -- The Los Angeles County Regional Identification System (LACRIS), which includes the world's largest Sheriff's Department and the nation's third largest police department, will install new high technology cameras to capture and store arrest photographs in the County's 168 police stations starting this summer.

The state-of-the-art wireless cameras and the proprietary software, which enables the cameras to automatically frame the subject to assure image quality and consistency, are being provided by Dynamic Imaging Systems, Inc. as part of its business partnership with Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq: IDNX), the world's leading multi-biometrics technology company.

In April, Identix was awarded an $8 million contract by LACRIS to completely replace the LACRIS comprehensive live scan identification network with Identix' Full Hand TouchPrint(TM) High Definition 3800 live scan systems, which incorporate the latest in live scan technological advances. The systems Identix will be installing for LACRIS utilize Dynamic Imaging's photo image capture technology and software to provide LA County with the ability to capture a NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) "Best Practices" quality photo images of individuals being processed.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Marlton, N.J., Dynamic Imaging concentrates exclusively on the needs of law enforcement agencies and provides advanced imaging technology for such critical functions as photo and document management, facial recognition, and centralized county and statewide image repositories.

According to Jerry St. John, Dynamic Imaging vice president, "The new system will assure photo quality and consistency because the cameras automatically frame and adjust to capture the best possible picture without the need for human intervention. He said, "Presently, photo quality frequently varies from station to station. That problem will be eliminated with the installation of this new system, which will give LA County fully integrated criminal ID management."

Dynamic Imaging's solution provides a real time evaluation of the subject during the image capture process. The auto-framing feature scans the face using advanced eye finding algorithms of Identix FaceIt(R) G2 SDK to find the subject's eye to ensure consistency of the photographs.

LA Sheriff's Department Sgt. Thomas J. Smith said that the LACRIS request for proposal (RFP) was very exacting in terms of the need to capture a superior quality image of fingerprints and booking photographs. "The technology available from Identix and Dynamic Imaging Systems is on the leading edge. Through the application of these technologies, LA County will continue to offer the highest quality Live Scan and photographic image capture capabilities available anywhere," according to Sgt. Smith.

"We are pleased Identix can offer our customers the ability to capture consistent, high quality photographs as a complement to our industry-leading live scan technology said Terry LeDell, a product manager for Identix. LeDell, explained that Identix and Dynamic Imaging formed their strategic partnership in May of 2004 and that the two firms have worked together on a number of law enforcement projects since. "We look forward to continuing to work closely with Dynamic Imaging to meet all of LA County's objectives under this project, which we believe, will be one of the most comprehensive integrated ID management system in the U.S.," he said.