Bosch Enhances Inovonics 900Mhz Wireless Detectors for G-Series Panels

Fairport, New York -- Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, now offers two Inovonics 900 MHz wireless passive infrared (PIR) detectors with its widely installed Bosch G Series control panels. Installing these wireless detectors with the popular G Series control panels in homes or businesses virtually eliminates false alarms while increasing the coverage area.

The FA206B Passive Infrared Detector has a 40 ft. by 40 ft. range and includes Bosch's patented Pet Friendly technology to reduce false alarms caused by small animals up to 30 lbs. The FA206C is a 360 degree ceiling-mounted PIR detector with a 70 ft. diameter coverage and may be mounted on ceilings as high as 12 ft. Because the detectors are wireless, installation requires only mounting and registration with the G Series panel. The detectors are automatically status checked as often as once a minute for low battery, tampering and inactivity.

The FA206B and FA206C detectors use Inovonics Wireless 900 MHz Frequency AgileR technology and 56 bit communication protocol for optimum communication reliability. The higher transmission power - 900 MHz rather than 300 MHz - equips the Inovonics wireless detectors with greater monitoring range.

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