Vicon Industries Introduces IP Camera Dome

Vicon Industries Inc. has introduced the SurveyorVFT Camera Dome with IP video transmission. The SurveyorVFT IP Camera Dome is a powerful IP video source for a complete digital video management system based on ViconNet. It is fully compatible all ViconNet systems and is remotely managed and controlled from ViconNet workstations and Kollector Elite recorders.

A pre-installed 100 Mbps LAN interface board allows direct plug-in to a system network switch. Images received from the IP dome can be displayed, recorded or archived like any other ViconNet video and audio component using the ViconNet management platform.

The SurveyorVFT IP dome has four levels of video resolution; Frame, Field, CIF and HCIF with 2 levels of compression; Normal (optimized MPEG4) and Full (JPEG). These comprise 8 selectable quality levels. The SurveyorVFT IP dome utilizes an MD5 type video authentication algorithm which is based on a 128-bit message used to identify data integrity. Viewing authenticated video can be configured from the software. In addition, the IP dome supports control, alarm reporting, macros and alarm configuration. It can deliver up to 30 fps at a nominal bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps at Q5 (320 x 240 pixels).

SurveyorVFT IP Camera Dome System is a compact, lightweight and intelligent security device comprised of a camera, pan/tilt drive, receiver and CPU-based electronics all in an attractive and covert enclosure. It is available in a variety of indoor and outdoor versions. The SurveyorVFT IP dome is designed for easy snap-in installation. The drive simply snaps into the housing. When removed, the housing retains all programmed functions in its on-board memory.

There are three camera types available, each with NTSC and PAL versions. The basic model is a 22X high-resolution camera/lens. Another 22X model is available with ExView CCD technology. The third version is a 23X day/night camera/ lens. Several mounting accessories are available.