QT Gas Stations Introduce Card Program to Stop Fuel Thefts

Gasoline and convenience store retailer QuikTrip (QT) has announced that the company will be debuting its PumpStart card program at the company's 22 Des Moines, Iowa, stores, and that beginning Monday, June 20, customers will be able to sign up for the card at all of QT's stations

According to QT's Mike Thornbrugh, the Des Moines Division was victim to approximately $1.5 million worth of gas thefts

Thornbrugh said the program has been tested in Tulsa, Wichita and Kansas City, and described the response from customers and law enforcement as "very positive."

The program requires buyers to present a valid driver's license, which is recorded, and then a card corresponding to that driver's license number/ID is provided to the customer. With the system, a customer can start the fuel pumps without entering the store to pre-pay; the system does not affect those who use pay-at-the-pump services.