Cuyahoga Community College Wins Transit Authority Contract to Train First Responders

CLEVELAND, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- A significant number of transit police and transportation specialists will be better prepared to respond to emergencies, as Cuyahoga Community College's Public Safety Institute delivers training for first responders through its contract with the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

"Our program is designed to help improve the response capabilities of members assigned to public agencies that could respond to terrorist attacks or events involving the use of a weapon of mass destruction, which includes chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive material," said Tri-C Executive Vice President David Reines.

"The London subway bombings this summer illustrate the need for coordination and expertise among first responders during major transit disruptions. We plan to train approximately 100 employees during an eight- week period," said Doug Dombroski, Tri-C Public Safety Commander.

RTA officials look forward to receiving the training.

"We are very fortunate this training is offered locally," said Joe Calabrese, RTA's CEO and General Manager. "I applaud Cuyahoga Community College for developing a curriculum that is so relevant to this region. The training will be paid for by a federal grant that RTA was awarded by the Department of Homeland Security."

"Training is an important component of our plan to be prepared to address a broad range of threats and hazards, ranging from terrorism and natural disasters to accidents," said John Joyce, RTA's Chief of Police and Director of Security. "At RTA, we are committed to equipping our employees with the tools they need to safeguard our riding public. We are eager to work with Cuyahoga Community College to accomplish this goal."

The Public Safety Institute at Cuyahoga Community College offers the opportunity for police, fire and law enforcement students to learn the skills and teamwork necessary to be prepared when called upon for duty. The Public Safety Institute provides state-certified training for police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, security officers, corrections officers and bailiff personnel, as well as advanced training in law enforcement and firefighter preparation.

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SOURCE Cuyahoga Community College

CONTACT: Linda Drobnich of Cuyahoga Community College, +1-216-987-3045; or Jerry Masek of Regional Transit Authority, +1-216-566-5211

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