Premier Electronics Unveils New 22x26mm Board Cameras

In collaboration with Panasonic, Pacific has developed a new range of super compact colour board cameras, PC-1005 standard resolution and PC 2005 high resolution; these are now available from the UK's Premier Electronics.

Following the decision by Panasonic to withdraw their GPCX (GP-CX) range of compact board cameras, Pacific Corporation have released two replacement board cameras which are physically compatible with the previous models, but are technically enhanced with new features. They have the latest Sony 1/4-inch CCD sensor combined with a strengthened and robust lens mount. They are fully compatible with the full range of Pacific multi-part glass lenses and provide hugely improved image quality and low light response. With a form factor of just 22 x 26mm they are designed for use in areas where small size is critical combined with the highest quality video pictures. Weighing just 10g, without lens, and requiring only 160mA 5V supply means it can be installed in remote mobile surveillance applications.

With applications from air surveillance to microscopes, security to remote monitoring these cameras provide the flexibility, quality and reliability users require.

Premier Electronics is available via email at