New Airline Awards Global Security Associates Contract for Ground Aircraft Security

New York, NY -- MAXjet Airways is a FAA-certified, privately funded airline focused on providing daily business-class travel between New York’s JFK Airport and London’s Stansted International Airport. The airline is utilizing a fleet of 767s and 757 aircraft for its operational launch; each plane is configured for all-business-class service. Global Security Associates is proud to be part of the team that recognizes the importance of working together to win the business class customer and to hold onto that customer with exceptional service.

Global Security Associates will be in-charge of all of MAXjet’s ground aircraft security at New York’s JFK Airport. “Our team of professionals looks forward to a long relationship of providing superior ground safety using the latest international safety protocols,” states William McGuire, president and CEO of Global.

Global Security Associates LLC, (GSA) is among the world’s leading security firms. William McGuire, president and CEO of the company, has spent nearly two decades in the commercial aviation security industry and prior to forming Global Security Associates was assistant vice president of Virgin Security Associates in North America, a division of Virgin Atlantic Airways.

GSA has most recently been responsible for the protection details and implementation of the entire security protocol for Dulles International Airport during the 2005 Presidential Inauguration.