MIR3 Announces inGovAlert for Emergency and First Responder Communications

SAN DIEGO -- MIR3, the technology leader in Intelligent Notification solutions, today announced that inGovAlert is now available. inGovAlert provides government organizations, such as Public Safety, First Responders, City, County, Homeland Security and Federal agencies, with a GSA-authorized solution for emergency communications via MIR3's Intelligent Notification technology. inGovAlert is designed for use by government entities and supports intra-agency communications and cooperation in the event of a disaster, emergency or severe weather crisis situation. It enables designated individuals to send high-speed emergency communications to and from any device, such as landline, satellite and mobile phones, email, pagers, SMS, PDAs and fax, to individual recipients, groups or organization-wide with the click of a button.

inGovAlert, which includes an interface that takes into account the hierarchical departmental structure of military and government organizations, provides these organizations with a notification solution that meets and exceeds most Homeland Security initiatives for an emergency communication solution. This includes the ability to reach all devices, including satellite phones, makes repeated attempts to reach recipients, provides voice and text communication capabilities and includes cascading call features.

inGovAlert features MIR3's Enterprise Access Control (EAC) which allows only designated users, defined by their role and associated security attributes, to be granted access to send time-sensitive, emergency communications.

"Many Global 1000 corporations and government organizations already rely upon MIR3 to provide scalable and reliable notification capabilities that support business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives," said Margi Schmidt, Vice President of Business Development at MIR3. "With inGovAlert, we now offer organizations that are required to purchase IT-related products and services from the GSA-schedule with proven and secure technology that is tailored to meet government specifications for emergency communications."

inGovAlert can be integrated with leading Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in order to import geo-coded information that will allow Public Safety personnel to provide Citizen Notification services in the event that individuals in specific areas need to be notified of impending disasters, fires, evacuations, severe weather alerts, etc.