Middle East Country to Utilize Identix Biometric Platform

Identix Incorporated, a multi-biometrics technology company, has been selected by an unnamed country in the Middle East to supply and integrate its ABIS biometric data-mining platform and search engines into the country's national identification program.

ABIS provides a biometric platform that integrates Identix's proprietary facial recognition and skin biometric technology in an open and modular architecture, providing heightened accuracy and scalability up to 100 million images, the company said.

The country selected the Identix facial recognition-based ABIS biometric data-mining platform and search engines as the core of its ID program to assist in national security efforts. Several million citizens are expected to be enrolled and participate in the program within the first few years of deployment.

Identix began preliminary stage deployment in its fiscal 2005 second quarter ending December 31, 2004, with the majority of the work expected to be completed in its fiscal 2005 third quarter ending March 31, 2005.

"We are seeing significantly increased opportunities throughout the world for large-scale biometric data-mining capabilities," said Identix president and CEO Dr. Joseph J. Atick. "Countless databases totaling hundreds of millions of biometric images exist across the world today. Nations are realizing at the highest levels of government that the ability to tap into this information can potentially provide a powerful tool towards heightened national security as well as for regulating critical internal programs."