Live from the 2005 GE Conference and Workshop

Industry heavyweights weigh in on what the security business holds in store for everyone: dealers, integrators and end users

Making security an inherent part of business is not without its effect on managers of security, and Taylor said that as a part of making security intrinsic to business, we as an industry are seeing changing metrics in security (not just numbers of arrests, or even prosecutions), but that the security director will more and more often be faced with the need to demonstrate the value of his/her operations in terms of ROI. It was a thought perfectly shared with D’Addario.

Taylor wasn't the last speaker of the day; former President of Spain Jose Aznar spoke next and then the U.S.'s first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge concluded the day, but their comments are enough to make an entire other article, which is what we'll do. Look for a report on Aznar's and Ridge's speeches later today and additional updates from the conference as it progresses.