Metro Baltimore Schools Deploy Surveillance Cameras

Cameras selected by school include motion detection, night vision, PTZ, but implementation raises issues

``As we go about planning for major renovations, or if we were ever to construct a new high school, these types of security considerations would be part of the plan,'' said Carlton G. Epps, the system's chief operating officer.

Officials have begun installing a digital camera at Walbrook High Uniformed Services Academy, the scene of dozens of student-set fires in the fall

In Carroll County, 12 schools have complete systems and a committee is studying how to expand digital camera systems to all Carroll County schools, said Larry Faries, coordinator of security.

Cameras have helped school officials identify culprits in school fires and other incidents.

When videos show students coming out of a restroom with smoke billowing out behind them, Faries said, ``that's a pretty good indication that they might be your primary suspects.''