Risk Mitigation Executive Launches with Access to Wendy's Crisis Communication Plan

Fort Atkinson, WI – Cygnus Business Media, a leading diversified business-to-business media leader, announces the launch of Risk Mitigation Executive newsletter. The eight-page format provides C-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies with exclusive access to corporations' best business continuity practices with articles authored by top risk practitioners.

"Limiting risk is essential in all organizations. Public companies are additionally required to answer to their shareholders and boards are now more open to government scrutiny," says Group Vice President Mike Martin. "Risk Mitigation Executive addresses timely topics that assist today's busy executives with real world solutions targeted at critical areas of their business."

Risk Mitigation Executive publishes its premier issue in June with a cover story about Wendy's effective crisis communication plan. The already established risk measures in place allowed the company to stave off rumors and allay a potentially explosive situation.

"We have an early warning system that we preach on a regular basis to all of our restaurants," says Denny Lunch, senior vice president of communications and a member of the Wendy's international crisis management team. "The incident happened on Tuesday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time and within an hour we knew about it. Within the first two hours we released a statement."

In addition to the Wendy's article, Contributing Editor Art Brown, former CIA chief for East Asia and now senior vice president of Control Risks Group adds to the first issue with an article about political risk. Brown's piece examines the assessment of threats for companies operating outside the U.S. where significant business opportunities can be laced with uncertainties.

"Savvy executives now realize that risk mitigation is not simply a business imperative - it's just good business," says Risk Mitigation Executive Publisher Steve Lasky. "From pre-employment screening and physical security to SOX compliance and international operational issues, Risk Mitigation Executive will be an essential resource for securing any businesses' assets."

Risk Mitigation Executive will publish monthly. Upcoming issues will help executives identify solutions to timely risk mitigation topics such as security analysis and planning, risk and crisis management, business continuity planning and due diligence, security litigation and law, employee hiring and HR best practices, and leading security techniques. To learn more about Risk Mitigation Executive or to subscribe, log onto www.riskmitigationexecutive.com.