Telular Combines Alarm Communications and E911 Service for VoIP Installations

Telular Corporation today announced the latest in cellular alarm security with Telguard Digital model TG-8. This new product provides Enhanced 911 calling and transmits alarm signals to the monitoring station without the use of a phone line. Using Telular's patented technology, Telguard Digital transmits alarm signals and E911 voice calls over the nationwide GSM digital cellular network.

Telguard Digital is ideal for homes and businesses using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) or cellular-only phone service. Telular's model TG-8 provides a direct connection to the Public Safety Answering Point for emergency service in addition to a reliable communication link to the security monitoring station.

"VoIP adoption is rapid. However, there are real security concerns. Alarm signals may not pass through the broadband connection, improperly wired systems disable the security system, and many VoIP providers do not have a direct connection to emergency centers." said George Brody, senior vice president of Telular's Telguard division. "Telguard Digital addresses these issues."

Telular's Telguard Digital products are Underwrites Laboratories (UL) Listed for primary or back-up communications to residential and commercial security and fire systems. Telguard Digital offers full-data reporting and an automatic self-test feature for complete and reliable alarm transmission.

"Telguard Digital allows security and life-safety companies to offer a reliable security system to their customer base, especially clients with VoIP," added Brody.