Rockliffe Upgrades MailSite Spam Technology

Campbell, CA -- Rockliffe, the leading developer of high quality email server and email security software for service providers and businesses, today announced the integration of the award-winning SpamCompiler anti-spammer and anti-phisher engine from Mailshell into its MailSite mail server software products. The announcement comes after several months of extensive testing by Rockliffe’s development team and a successful beta period among Rockliffe customers. More than 6,000 companies and 10 million consumers already rely on 'Powered by Mailshell' products to block spammers and phishers.

By integrating Mailshell's SpamCompiler engine, MailSite customers see consistently accurate levels of anti-spammer and anti-phisher protection. SpamCompiler optimizes, compiles and executes more than one million filter checks in a fraction of a second to determine if a message is spam or not. By combining a fast, compact, flexible, complete decision tree with an automatically self-tuning intelligent engine that is updated every five minutes, Mailshell's SpamCompiler engine consistently generates highly accurate results in recognizing spam, phishing and other forms of email fraud.

“Our customers have been very pleased with the performance and accuracy of the Mailshell engine and its five-minute update mechanism,” said John Davies, CEO of Rockliffe. “Mailshell’s unique reputation-based filtering gives our customers top quality, reliable protection against emerging forms of spam and email-based fraud.”

The Mailshell SpamCompiler engine complements MailSite's powerful, flexible Sieve filtering technology which enables administrators and end users to reject, delete, deliver or re-file messages based on rules, including white lists and black lists. Tight integration with the MailSite SMTP engine ensures that message throughput speeds continue to meet the needs of large service providers.

“We’ve been impressed by the strength of Rockliffe’s customer relationships as well as its focus on customer satisfaction,” said Tonny Yu, CEO of Mailshell. “Rockliffe’s global installed base is a testament to MailSite’s high quality and the company’s overall focus on customer service.”

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