Rokonet Launches New Outdoor Motion Detector

Israel -- ROKONET, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions worldwide, is launching a new outdoor detector series – WatchOUT. WatchOUT is the first of its kind to include 4 detection channels- 2 MW and 2 PIR channels; effectively solving the pressing issue of high false alarm rates from outdoor volumetric detectors. WatchOUT is the ultimate detector for the unstable outdoor environment and was recently awarded the Highly Commended Alarm Product prize at the 2005 Detektor International Awards in Sweden.

WatchOUT exercises Selective Event Recognition to distinguish between false alarms and real intrusion events. The Selective Event Recognition is enabled by the two new breakthrough Rokonet technologies:

Digital Correlation Technology compares between the signals of 2 PIR channels with separate optics to ensure that only target creating a similar and correlated signal in both PIR channels trigger an alarm, thus eliminating false alarms from rapid temperature changes, wind gusts and pets up to 70cm (2’4’) head height.

Sway Recognition Technology uses 2 Microwave channels for recognizing and excluding swaying objects such as bushes or tree limbs.

WatchOUT detectors include an optional camera and unique remote control & diagnostic capabilities when installed with ProSYS Integrated Security Systems. The detector has a wide range of professional swivels and a MW “Anti-Collision” feature that enables adjacent detector installations. Additional features include Active IR for Anti-Mask and “Dirty Lens” alerts, a protective hood and IP65 environmental rating.

ROKONET is conducting a worldwide campaign whereby it is inviting installers to purchase the WatchOUT DT detectors and enter a prize draw for a 4x4 vehicle. Each WatchOUT DT package contains a serial number; to enter the draw installers are requested to enter the number in a website site form at:

Rokonet, a member of the RISCO Group, is on the web at