Dual Camera System Offers Fire Detection and Security at Historic Norwegian Site

IP-enabled system feeds visual and infrared imaging, with automatic alarming for day/night detection of fires and mischief

The DualVision system is operated from a PC at the fire station, using Mikron's MikroSpec Real-Time Thermal Data Acquisition and Analysis software. The software blends the thermal and IR camera feeds into a single DualVision image with correct aspect ratio and spatial area. By applying an isotherm color pallet to the IR image, hot spots are easily identified while still viewing the scene as a visual image. The composite image can be adjusted to show any percentage of the IR and visual, allowing firefighters to quickly assess an alarm situation before sending equipment to a scene.

The MikroSpec R/T software can also record up to 75 minutes of 30-Hz blended visual and IR video to a hard drive, too. Total record time can be greatly extended by capturing images at intervals, rather than continuously. Video capture can be triggered by a temperature alarm from one of the ROI's or by direct signal from the PC. A user-selectable prebuffer of video allows the operator to also capture what happened in a scene before an event trigger.