Tamron Introduces New 20-100mm F/1.6 Vari-Focal CCTV Lens

New 1/3 20-100mm F/1.6 aspherical vari-focal lens is ideal for traffic surveillance and zoom lens alternative in telephoto setting

Tamron USA has announced a new addition to its extensive Vari-Focal lens line-up that covers the telephoto range. The new 1/3 20-100mm F/1.6 Aspherical Vari-Focal covers the telephoto range that is normally covered only by zooms, yet the zoom function that makes the lens more costly is not utilized in many installations. The new Tamron Vari-Focal is an efficient alternative from the point of view of both cost and size.

With a focal-length range that covers everything from moderate to super-long telephoto, a fast F/1.6 aperture that insures bright imaging even in dimly illuminated areas, and aspherical optics that provide outstanding image quality in a compact, lightweight package, Tamron's new 20-100mm F/1.6 for 1/3-inch CCD cameras is a significant new entry in the CCTV surveillance and security industry. Until now, security systems distributors, installers, and end users often use motorized zoom lenses just to get the reach they needed. Or they had to use shorter-focal-length lenses mounted on poles, a system that means greater installation costs for trenching and wiring, less convenient maintenance, and susceptibility to image-degrading vibration.

The Tamron 20-100mm F/1.6 eliminates all these problems, and provides far greater flexibility in security and surveillance installations than any previous lens in its class. A typical example would be a camera aimed at a parking lot gate for license plate identification. By allowing the camera to be mounted on a distant building wall or roof, this high-resolution super telephoto lets you achieve greater steadiness and stability plus easier camera maintenance and adjustment, all while capturing images of unparalleled clarity and definition. Also, being free to place the camera at a greater distance minimizes the need to conceal it in sensitive applications, and allows the camera to be mounted on a wall opposite the target area, giving a clear, direct shot of faces and other essential details. This latter capability is especially important at locations ranging from airports to casinos, where excessive camera-to-subject angles may prevent the camera from capturing critical information.

The 20-100mm Tamron F/1.6 Aspherical Vari-Focal covers an angle of 13.6 degress x 10.2 degrees (horizontal x vertical) at the 20mm setting, and 2.8 degrees x2.1 degrees at the 100mm setting, the latter being roughly equal to a 5-foot area at 100 feet on a 1/3-inch CCD.

According to Tom Lehrer, president of Alarm Products Distributors Worldwide, Inc. of Winter Park, Fla., a leading supplier of CCTV and home security equipment, the Tamron 20-100mm F/1.6 will have wide range of applications among his clients.

"The ability to get facial recognition at 50 yards or more is a great asset," says Lehrer. "You can have a less conspicuous, more stable installation on a house, garage or out-building. Also, the cost is a lot less than we've been paying for motorized zoom lenses when [we] didn't need the motorized feature."

Don Maxey, a CCTV specialist at Burtek Systems, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, is equally impressed with the Tamron 20-100mm specs.

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