Aigis Mechtronics Releases CrystalView Public View Monitor

Both a marketing device and a means to capture CCTV video, CrystalView from Aigis Mechtronics is a sleek LCD Public View Display (PVD) with a built-in camera. With its ultra bright LCD screen, CrystalView can display clear marketing presentations, advertisements and/or company messages while capturing CCTV video.

If required, the screen can display the CCTV video upon motion to instantly notify the viewer that CCTV surveillance is employed throughout the facility. Beyond this, the CrystalView from Aigis sets itself apart from standard LCD monitors through its commercial grade panel rated for over 50,000 hours of full brightness and its ability to power down to "sleep" mode when the external lights are dimmed.

Finally, its feed-thru wiring, adjustable mounting options, 24VAC power requirement and remote control provide the ease of set up and service that CCTV professionals demand. Through smart design and advanced technology, the CrystalView conveys messages of both marketing and secure surveillance.

Advanced options include audio, a variety of cameras and remote set up and control through the Internet.