Identix Lands Follow-Up for Biometrics-Based Border Security at Middle Eastern Country

$880,000 follow-up order to upgrade and expand country's border identity management system

ABIS will be used to assist in creating and rapidly searching fingerprint-based biometric databases for tracking visitors into and out of the country. Biometric enrollment, search, verification and identification stations have been set up at entry/exit locations throughout the nation. Visitors into the Country are asked to provide demographic information and to enroll two fingers into the entry/exit program upon entry. At the time of enrollment, the country's border officials perform a one-to-many (1:N) search of various watchlists and other fingerprint-based databases for matches against the prospective visitor's biometric fingerprint images. The fingerprint images are converted into biometric templates, which are stored, along with the individual's demographic information, in a database maintained by the country's relevant agencies. Information regarding the anticipated length of stay of each individual is also stored in the database. Upon exiting the country, the visitors are asked to verify their identity one-to-one (1:1) against their template stored in the database.