Bioscrypt Veri-Series Products Achieve UL 294 Certification

TORONTO -- Bioscrypt Inc., a leading provider of identity verification technology, announced that their Veri-Series biometric fingerprint readers comply with the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. standard for Accessory to an Access Control System under the industry recognized UL 294 category. Further, the Veri-Series line of product also received the Canadian Standards Association standard for Signal Compliance C22.2 No. 205 for the cUL mark.

UL 294 is both a safety and performance standard. UL294 listed products should perform normally under abnormal functional use within a reasonable tolerance over and above specification.

For example, the Veri-Series line of fingerprint readers would perform normally even if the communication lines were exposed to +/- 2400V spikes (virtual lightening), if the input voltage dropped 15% below the minimum rated voltage or if the input voltage goes 15% above the maximum rated voltage and even after 100,000 enrollment and verification cycles.

The products have also been tested for Normal operation, Electrical Supervision, Input measurements, Variable Ambient, Humidity, Overload, Jarring, Dielectric Voltage Withstand, Temperature, AC Induction and Mechanical Strength of Enclosures with known above average pass results.

"We are delighted with this certification," said Shiraz Kapadia, Director of Manufacturing. "We want Bioscrypt to meet and exceed the expectations of the access control industry. UL listing is a key component to satisfy the industry need for safety and performance."