Coalition Questions New Phoenix Baggage System

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 2005--The Coalition for Luggage Security today responds to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport's newly instituted baggage screening process that was described in an article published in the Arizona Republic at

"According to the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will spend $120,000,000 to move the baggage screening process out of the congested and vulnerable public area, which is a 'step' in the right direction. Bags will move along a vast series of conveyor belts into the bowels of the airport. In addition, the luggage will then go through a high resolution x-ray machine that gives screeners a better look inside the suitcases avoiding terrorist bombs that could be exploded before screening," ( said Richard Altomare, Founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Luggage Security, and CEO of Universal Express, Inc. (OTCBB: USXP)

"I said it was a step, but not the proper solution. After this newly spent $120,000,000 screening process, the luggage is still placed in the plane's cargo area, and initial bomb detection is still conducted by eye and hand."

"The only futuristic solution is to separate travelers from their luggage ( Save the $120,000,000 per airport and let our Luggage Coalition advise Phoenix on how to become the most modern airport in America without wasting more screening and inspection monies. The Luggage Express solution ( is the most obvious. Return our airports to carefree traveling Americans, and stop mortgaging our grandchildren's future with 'creative' ideas that will be obsolete and need to be re-spent and rethought in the near future," added Harvey Abelson, Coalition Director.

"To eliminate standing on lines, we can separate the luggage at the home and deliver it to the travelers' end destination, thus eliminating the queuing up and wasted hours in airports," continued Mr. Altomare.

"While their efforts are well intended and commendable within the confines of their mindset, I implore them to think outside of the established spending paradigm, which is log-jamming travelers, airlines and airports. Let in a fresh idea that will benefit all and cost a lot less than $120,000,000 per airport, which will only add more screeners, longer lines and more long term expenses without assurances of safety. Simplify -- do not continue to complicate the issue of the traveling public," concluded Richard A. Altomare.

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