EADS Defence and Security Systems Bids for 2012 Olympics Security

Manchester - EADS Defence and Security Systems Ltd, the Systems House of EADS in the UK, has announced that the group is seeking to deploy its Homeland Security capability in support of a bid to the Olympic Security Committee (OSC) for the 2012 London Games.

Leveraging experience gained from the EADS bid for a deployed global security system for the Beijing Olympic Games, EADS demonstrates capability to design and implement security systems that can be embedded from day one into the new Olympic Park venues.

"We expect the security operation to ensure that the London Games take place free from terrorist attack will be considerable,"said Philippe Meleard, director public safety at EADS DS. "Memories of Munich in 1972, Atlanta in 1996 and of course the bombings in London this summer have brought a new intensity of focus to Olympic security.This represents a perfect opportunity for EADS to improve infrastructure and security through the implementation of integrated state-of-the-art information, communications and security technologies."

With an estimated 100,000 participants and personnel, and nearly half a million spectators expected to attend events every day, ensuring the London Olympic Games operate smoothly is a prime motivating factor for the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and the OSC.

The EADS response is based on a single communication and information platform, able to gather data from a range of ground-based and airborne sensors which could be carried by Eurocopter helicopters, drones and other vehicles. EADS also makes available to control centres a variety of decision-support tools that will be able to obtain an exact picture of the extremity of a situation, and, with full co-ordination of the various parties involved, deploy all measures necessary to resolve an incident. Critically these control centres could seamlessly take over from each other in the event of loss or overloading, ensuring the security umbrella is constantly maintained.

"EADS' refined capability to deliver a collaborative, integratedend-to-end solution enables a better, consistent use of technology providing the robust infrastructure necessary for response to any emergency likely to be encountered at the London Olympic Games," continued Meleard. "The close co-ordination EADS offers the OSC and the London emergency services can deliver an encompassing security operation that successfully balances risk with cost, generating an effective response to any threats that may arise."