IDology Group and AmeriNet Form Alliance for Financial Transaction Security

Companies combine web-based payment engine with ID verification application

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- IDology Group, LLC., a leader in Internet age and identity theft prevention technology, and AmeriNet, Inc., a leading electronic payment processor, today announced an agreement to provide a new integrated service. The service combines IDology Group's age and identity verification application, known as IDlive, with AmeriNet's Web-based payment processing engine.

"For e-commerce to flourish, it is essential to reduce the risk of losses to both merchants and banks from fraud and errors, and to further address the specter of identity theft facing consumers," said Rick Olson, AmeriNet Vice President for Business Development. "With its sharp focus on these specific needs, we have conclusively found IDlive to be the best-in-breed and value for our merchants."

For more than a decade, AmeriNet, Inc. has been the nation's premier provider for electronic debit transactions utilizing the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. The company helped pioneer the use of direct debiting over the Web. Established in 2003, IDology has emerged as a leading provider of knowledge-based identity verification services, offering an exclusive, patent-pending technology that promotes the responsible use of data for consumer-not-present transactions.

Integrating IDology's identity authentication technology, IDlive, into AmeriNet's payment gateway interface will help AmeriNet's merchants fulfill more legitimate sales and at the same time reduce the cost of risk management programs through the improved prevention of fraud losses, said Raye Croghan, IDology Group's Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

"Fraud is a multi-billion dollar business and we are pleased to work with AmeriNet, Inc., to offer a more powerful identity verification solution that protects AmeriNet's merchant customers and originating banks," Croghan said.

Using IDlive technology, AmeriNet merchants can safely approve transactions while protecting consumer privacy by screening individuals with a series of personal questions derived from diverse data sources to authenticate identity within seconds.

"IDology's solution is a natural fit for AmeriNet's payment products," said Olson. "As electronic commerce expands at its phenomenal pace, so do its challenges. By partnering with IDology, we combine the power of AmeriNet's high-quality direct debit technology platform with IDology Group's leading identity authentication applications. Together, we deliver the industry's most comprehensive solution to our merchants and banks and further promote e- commerce as safe and secure for consumers."

The unique IDology product will work directly with AmeriNet's merchants who have extended their reach to consumers who cannot, or choose not to, pay by credit card over the Internet or telephone. The IDlive product suite can be accessed through the merchant's existing XML integration with AmeriNet from the merchant's e-commerce Web site or call center application. It also is available as a batch process or via the Internet.

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