NEC Soft Develops 3-Method Biometric ID System

TOKYO -- NEC Soft Ltd. (4774) announced that it has begun marketing an entry-exit biometric identification system that works by scanning a person's fingerprint, face or iris.

NEC Soft will sell the system, which can use two types of verification simultaneously, to businesses that process a high volume of personal information. These include telecommunications companies and financial institutions.

The system is known as BiodePass. Fingerprints or other information is read with equipment and compared to data that has been registered on a server.

NEC Soft has a system that works by reading fingerprints and faces, but this new device can also identify a person by scanning the iris.

The price for the system including the server and biometric identification equipment will start at 3 million yen. The company will aim to sell 100 systems over the next three years, and with related services, it targets sales of 500 million yen.