Bosch Expands Convenience and Ease-of-Use for Divar Digital Recorders

Fairport, New York -- Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, recently added two new features to its Divar Digital Versatile Recorder to improve camera access, simplify routine surveillance tasks, and provide easier access to video data. Divar, an integrated digital video recorder with built-in multiplexer and switcher controlling up to 16 cameras, is ideal for security viewing and recording in applications including banks, retail outlets, schools, warehouses, and small businesses.

Divar is now available with Bilinx Bi-directional Communication Technology, Bosch's innovative camera control system, allowing the user to manage camera operation over the video cable. Integrating Bilinx in Divar makes installation easier and permits camera configuration changes without requiring direct access to the camera. This is important when cameras are in hard-to-reach areas or where surveillance cannot be interrupted, even temporarily, for servicing.

Further, Divar units are now accessible from any personal computer using Internet Explorer. This lets a user watch live video or play back events from anywhere on the network or Internet. In addition, Divar now also integrates with Bosch's G Series control panels, adding versatile digital recording to an intrusion system. The Divar Control Center has been updated with two new features: In window PTZ, which allows pan-tilt-zoom control right on the video screen, and Instant Playback, which permits immediate viewing of events in live mode by pressing a single button.

Divar also features an optional built-in DVD writer that enables users to back up large amounts of information. The DVD media can store up to 4 GB, so a single camera recording one image per second can be backed up for two full days. Users can tag the images they want, and with a few simple clicks, back up the data. The unit automatically burns the selected video to a CD or DVD, and copies the player software, so users can play the video on any PC.