Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System Adds Remote Control and Fireman's Panel

The remote control panel and, if required, remote control panel extensions, enable the Plena Voice Alarm System to be located in a fire-resistant cabinet or other secure location. Each panel duplicates the controls and indicators on the Plena central controller and routers (used in a multiple-zone application - up to 60 zones), including the built-in emergency microphone.

The dedicated fireman's panel has similar functionality to the remote control panels and now features large, illuminated buttons for all-call functionality. They are a major help in poor visibility and when the user is wearing protective gloves. The fireman's panel also includes an EMG microphone, fault and status indication and test mode.

Remote control panels and extensions are available as kits to customize panels. They are functionally identical to their respective panels and have connectors on the front panels instead of buttons and indicators. Full, easy-to-use configuration software is provided for remote control panel system set-up and action programming for 19 priority levels.

Bosch's Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm System is a comprehensive range of "plug-and-play" elements designed for cost-effective public address and voice alarm installations in small- and medium-sized applications. The Plena Voice Alarm System is EVAC-compliant and meets the requirements of the IEC60849 standard and its national equivalents. It also includes Bosch's Loop Amplifier. It allows people who use hearing aids to listen to music and soundtracks in public buildings in excellent quality. More importantly, the loop amplifier provides essential support in emergency evacuation situations.

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