Sentry Technology Traveling CCTV System Protects Additional Rail Platforms

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. - Sentry Technology Corporation announced today the second shipment of its SentryVision SmartTrack traveling CCTV systems for installation in Cape Town, South Africa on The Metro Rail Network to monitor passengers at the junction of bus, railway and taxi services. This order is for 7 additional tracks at a new Metro Rail Network terminal after the successful installation and evaluation of 3 tracks earlier this year.

SmartTrack is an integral part of an overall crime prevention and deterrence program including central management of all video devices over a network. The SmartTrack system uses patented technology to transmit video images from two pan, tilt and zoom cameras traveling along an aluminum rail mounted on the ceiling or wall of a passenger platform. The camera carriage travels at speeds of up to 13 feet per second and provides unobstructed views of passenger activity that is not possible with conventional camera systems.

"The use of SmartTrack to secure additional passenger railway platforms by the Metro Rail Network validates the effectiveness of our traveling video technology in the public transportation market," said Peter L. Murdoch, President and CEO of Sentry Technology Corporation. "Our sales team has carried this success to key U.S. prospects in the rail, bus, subway and airport markets. We believe that SmartTrack will be a key component in many public transportation, homeland security applications."

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