GE's Introduces New UltraView Dome

GE Infrastructure, Security has announced the availability of its new UltraView wide dynamic range dome camera, which leverages GE's innovative, new Xposure technology to process each individual pixel of each frame independently. Wrapped in a compact 5-inch aluminum housing and high-impact polycarbonate dome, the new camera captures clear, detailed images under the toughest conditions. '

The UltraView dome offers the best possible picture, even with difficult lighting. The Xposure technology increases exposure in shadowed areas and decreases exposure in bright areas, delivering a light-corrected image that shows crucial details clearly. It even adjusts for different lighting conditions within the same image.

"Users are asking for more sophisticated camera technology with even greater picture quality and increased functionality," said Darren Nicholson, marketing vice president in Security's Commercial Solutions business. "We have invested heavily in the camera market. For instance, this product combines the reliability of our UltraView wide dynamic range camera offering with the popular discreet and rugged dome housing." '

When installed in an office lobby, users can see clear images of people's faces as they enter the building, even if the afternoon sun or bright reflections shine right into the camera. In addition, users can additionally view the cars and objects in the parking lot beyond. This makes the UltraView wide dynamic range camera especially ideal for capturing facial features at outdoor ATMs.