Identix and Utah Enter into Statewide Agreement

System would be used for screening of job applicants at state office of education

The TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 3000 Live Scan Series is comprised of rugged and stylized terminals for roll and slap fingerprint capture that can be integrated with software for a complete fingerprinting system in either desktop or transportable configurations, as well as standalone booking stations designed to withstand heavy traffic and harsh environments.

The TouchPrint 3800 employs a proprietary cylindrical imager that enables the full hand - including the carpal crease, cup of the palm, and fingertips - to be captured in a single, intuitive step. There is no 'stitching together' of partial palm and finger images, which can result in images being associated with the wrong record. Proprietary optics capture resolution enhances image quality, giving operators optimal ridge detail information that can be used to help solve more crimes. Users of the TouchPrint 3800 have attested to the systems' ease of use, high image quality and reliability.