Sonitrol Announces Purchase of San Bernardino Dealership Company

BERWYN, Pa. -- Sonitrol Corporation, one of the leading commercial security providers in North America, has purchased a San Bernardino, Calif. Sonitrol Security franchise from PSI, a subsidiary of Integrated Alarm Service Group (IASG). Kevin Dowd, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sonitrol, made the purchase announcement.

Sonitrol of San Bernardino has a large customer base, and provides security services to two primary counties, San Bernardino and Riverside. It borders existing Sonitrol branch locations in Long Beach and San Diego. The current central station will transition to Fort Worth, Texas and will take place over the next few months with great care and attention focused at the continued service to our new Sonitrol customers.

Sonitrol's General Manager of Southern California Scott Wilson, Area Sales Manager Andy Bishop, District Operations Manager Mike Allen, and Technician Michael Kern, will oversee sales and operations for the region. Curtis Craig, previously with PSI, will be joining the Sonitrol team covering this territory. "This is an extension of our existing footprint and confirms our commitment to be the verified leader in electronic security in the Southern California region," said Wilson.

"The San Bernardino territory is a terrific addition to our direct selling operation - it is contiguous to our existing presence in Southern California and offers exciting growth potential," said Dowd. "We are extremely optimistic about the future of Sonitrol and the great opportunities we have in the security marketplace today. With a solid foundation consisting of a dedicated team of employees, a committed group of Sonitrol franchisees, a distinguished track record we are poised for action. Utilizing our integrated Sonitrol Access Control systems and Impact-Activated, Sonitrol Verified Audio Intrusion Detection systems, we provide a very effective, state-of-art and unique solution. This acquisition is one which will be directed towards increasing and enhancing our general business coverage."