Vulgar Fans to Be Ejected from Target Center Arena in Minnesota

Spectators whom the Timberwolves say were at least as profane to Latrell Sprewell as he was to them Saturday during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers were not removed from Staples Center.

The Timberwolves, however, now plan to eject profane fans immediately from Target Center.

Sprewell, suspended for Tuesday's game against the Dallas Mavericks, was featured with a picture on the cover of the program sold at the game.

Based on the televised incident, Wolves management decided to mute microphones near courtside before Tuesday's game at Target Center. Word was the NBA allowed teams to decide on whether to mute.

While TV station KTLA in Los Angeles has decided to put a seven-second delay on its NBA broadcasts, KSTC-TV, which broadcasts Wolves games, will continue without a delay. The reason: The station figures viewers deserve live action.