Philadelphia Schools Safety Director Looks into Improper Access to School Parking Lots

Staffers allegedly selling parking permits to persons not associated with school

Dean said the problems at University City High School are being fomented by "disgruntled employees" who want to hurt her administration.

In October, the Daily News received and reported about a copy of a letter apparently written on School District of Philadelphia stationery - and allegedly signed by Dean - that informed community groups that wanted to use the school that they must make a $300 donation to the William Ross Scholarship Fund.

That letter, which Dean denied writing or signing, said the donation had to be paid in addition to any payments made to the district's Office of Facilities.

Even students say they know about the parking problems. Some football players were waiting around for practice one afternoon when a car zoomed through the parking lot and a circular driveway to get from Filbert Street to Warren Street on the other side of the school.

The football players had to scramble to get out of the way.

Asked if outsiders used the parking lot, the teens said it happens all the time.

There are no spaces for the teachers, said Keith Tillman.

"I see them come in in the morning, looking for a space. Then, I see them drive off."