Coalition for Secure Ports Welcomes New Members

Ports, importers, consuming industries join effort to strengthen awareness of U.S. maritime security needs

* Implementation of the Transportation Worker Identity Credential, or TWIC, by which transportation system workers nationwide would carry a tamper resistant credential containing biometric information in order to ensure that the identity of individuals working throughout the U.S. cargo transportation chain can be verified reliably and expediently.

Current members of the Coalition for Secure Ports include: American Institute for International Steel, Boston Shipping Association, Columbia River Steamship Operators Association, Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition, Georgia Stevedores Association, Hampton Roads Maritime Association, Hampton Roads Shipping Association, Maritime Association of the Port of New York and New Jersey, Maritime Association of the Port of Charleston, Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, National Association of Maritime Organizations, National Association of Waterfront Employers, Nation's Port, New York Shipping Association, Pacific Maritime Association, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, Partnership for Sustainable Ports, Ports of the Delaware River Marine Trade Association, South Carolina Stevedores Association, the Southeast Florida Employers Port Association, Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore, United States Maritime Alliance, and West Gulf Maritime Association.

The Coalition for Secure Ports consists of private sector stakeholders who, along with the U.S. government, share responsibility for the security of ports, vessels, and cargo, including cargo containers, as well as the efficient flow of commerce. For more information on the Coalition for Secure Ports, visit