Vector Security Employee Named FARA Associate Member of the Year

The False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) has named Vector Security false alarm reduction program manager, Pat Killian, as their "Associate Member of the Year." Killian captured the award for her outstanding work in a number of FARA efforts including her service with FARA's Communications and Quality Commitment committees, authoring several false alarm prevention bulletins on behalf of the organization and for her suggestions on fourteen others. Ms. Killian also served as the co-lead on revisions to FARA's Proactive Alarm Industry Customer Service Manual, and provided recommendations to bring FARA's Gold Star Program to fruition.

According to Norma Beaubien, FARA's President, Killian's commitment to reducing false alarms originates from an equally strong commitment to advocate the interests of public response agencies who want to work hand in hand with the alarm industry. "Pat truly embodies the FARA mission in the cooperative, outstanding working relationships she has built with the public safety community. I am incredibly grateful to her for everything she has done to help promote FARA and to make it a better association for us all. We are truly fortunate to have such a caring, committed alarm industry professional in our midst, and one who is infinitely deserving of the Associate Member of the Year Award."

In acknowledging the award, Killian commented that her job at Vector is to forward the company's commitment to reducing false alarms.

"While some in the public response arena may feel that reducing false alarms has become en empty cliché, I am proud to be a part of our company-wide effort to tackle this problem," said Killian. "Our work has produced an effort that industry sources have commented is indeed a sustained program producing real results."

Vector Security Executive Vice President, Pamela J. Petrow, and her staff deployed this program over 2 years ago which includes false alarm reduction responsibilities pertaining to all Vector Security departments.

"Producing a sustained false alarm and dispatch reduction requires the cooperation and understanding of every aspect of any company's service delivery system," said Petrow. "That's a lot harder to accomplish than it is to say, but it remains the key to maintaining long-term results."