Infotex Holdings, Inc. to Change Name to Integrated Camera Optics, Corp.

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Roy Vinkemeier, President of Infotex Holdings, Inc., said upon completion of the Stock Exchange Agreement with Integrated Camera Optics, Corp. that the surviving Company will be Integrated Camera Optics, Corp. Stuart Leviton, President and CEO of Integrated Camera, said that he will immediately change the name of the Corporation to Integrated Camera Optics, Corp. and apply for a new trading symbol once the Agreement is signed by both parties.

Integrated Camera Optics, Inc. with EyeSee360 is the technology leader in single-shot panoramic imaging for both still and video photography.

The estimated market for the security/surveillance camera industry is over $40 billion. Integrated Camera Optics, Corp., with its unique and patented product line coupled with the intention to acquire other security oriented companies, expects to capture a good percentage in this industry.

Applications for this technology include Homeland Security, Military, Major Hotels and Casinos (National, International and American Indian), Railways /Monorail Systems, Airports, Seaports, Oil Refineries, Nuclear Facilities etc.