Incident, Investigation & Case Management Software

Edmonton, AB -- Introducing Perspective by PPM 2000, an incident management system that goes beyond day-to-day incident reporting to spot trends, assess risk and measure performance.

Interactive user dashboards and an auto-notification process encourage collaboration. Procedural consistency is emphasized through well-designed incident and investigative workflow.

Security personnel can access Perspective in the field using a Tablet PC, and ‘plug and play’ functionality allows users to check out an incident or an investigation, work on it away from their desk and check it back in when they return to the office.

Multilevel information containment creates a high level of security and the flexibility to segregate and consolidate vast amounts of data. Perspective can be further customized to track data specific to an organization and to reflect an organization’s preferred terminology.

Perspective combines custom analytical searching with advanced charting and graphing. Users can search on any information in their database, and they can present their findings in a number of ways.

Modules for Visual Analysis and Performance Measurement provide a new way of looking at incident data. With the Visual Analysis Module, investigators are able to illustrate complex relationships between seemingly disparate data. And, with the Performance Management Module, corporate metrics can be assigned to drive accountability, planning and results.

Perspective captures the knowledge needed to make data driven decisions and to illustrate ROI. The risk of litigation is reduced, investigations are managed to result in recoveries, and trends can be easily identified. Statistical reports illustrate the effectiveness of the security operation and help ensure the best allocation of security personnel, systems and resources.

Brian McIlravey, CPP, PPM’s Vice-President of Consulting & Training led the Perspective project, “A lot of incident reporting systems focus on data entry… and we’ve covered that… but we’ve added investigation and case management together with a high level of statistical analysis. You can focus on a single incident, or you can look at the big picture. It’s about incident management from every angle… it’s about putting your incident activity in perspective.”

Perspective was built on the .NET Framework using smart client technology. It is a centrally managed Web services application that will be easy to deploy, update and maintain throughout the enterprise and across multiple sites.