Dedicated Micros’ NEW DS2 With NetVu Connected Technology

Chantilly, VA -- Dedicated Micros Inc. announces the availability of the New DS2, with “NetVu Connected” system software to provide extra network compatibility and remote alarm management functionality.

The New DS2 is one of the first Dedicated Micros products to be launched within the “NetVu Connected” suite of advanced software tools for total network compatibility and remote DVR management and viewing. Because the technology implements MPEG4 remote viewing capability, it will consume less network bandwidth when viewing video remotely – good news for your IT department.

The unit has completely new hardware and software while retaining a similar look and feel of the ever-popular DS2 product line. It incorporates the new technology of NetVu Connected, a powerful media processor that allows the unit to compress data into multiple formats simultaneously, as well as trans-code from one format and/or data rate to another. This feature allows cameras to be recorded in evidential quality MJPEG format, while being viewed simultaneously in a Live or Recorded mode over a low bandwidth link using MPEG4.

Other features included in the new system hardware provide MPEG4 soft CODEC support, integrated DVD-R, tamper proof alarms, flash disk system software and expanded RAM.

The new NetVu ObserVer is included with the New DS2 at no additional charge. It is a sophisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface) that features simple drag-and-drop set up, single and multiple display modes, powerful GoTo time and event capabilities, PTZ camera control and an advanced database editor with site plan support.

“The connectivity to other NetVu Connected products – such as the DV-IP and TransVu – offers customers an impressive array of enhancements and benefits,” said Don Taylor, vice president of marketing for Dedicated Micros. “The benefits include variable record rates per camera, a high-availability, flash disk for storing the embedded application and simultaneous live and playback viewing on the main monitor.”