PSA Elects New Chairman of the Board

During an October shareholders meeting, shareholders of PSA, a leading security integration cooperative, elected Gary Venable as the new board chairman and re-elected Jim Taylor as vice-chairman.

In addition to Venable and Taylor, the PSA Board is now comprised of Jeff Marcus, Past Chairman; John Colley, Northeastern Regional Director; Mark Olive, Midwestern Regional Director; Mike Kobelin, Western Regional Director; and Mike Richmond, Southern Regional Director.

The new board fits in well with PSA's plans on growing the membership and branching out by exploring existing vertical markets and opportunities in new areas like facilities management and IT.

Venable, who is also CEO of his own company, All Systems Designed Solutions, Inc. in Kansas City, stated, "Strategically, PSA is in a rapidly changing environment with vendors, competitors, and clients consolidating all around us. We need to find new innovative routes to achieve our goals of equipping our independent integrators to compete and succeed in the marketplace.

"My vision is that PSA members will be the dominant force in the systems integration industry. They will be more profitable than industry norms because of PSA's volume buying, operating advantages, training programs and lead generation. Our shareholders will enjoy price and product advantages and will successfully compete with national integrators for market share. I believe that our members will be the recognized leaders in the industry," added Venable.

PSA president and CEO Bill Bozeman, CPP, is in agreement with the new chairman.

"We envision taking PSA's current membership to a higher level of proficiency and training," explains Bozeman. "Our goal over the next five years is for PSA members to be recognized by end users as the industry's best integrators."