CoVi Technologies Announces the Release of EVQ-1000 Version 2.0

CoVi Technologies Inc., a leader in HD video surveillance solutions, has announced the release of version 2.0 for the EVQ-1000, the industry's first HD surveillance camera. The latest software release enables several enhanced features that increase the usability and performance of the EVQ-1000.

The EVQ-1000, version 2.0 delivers the best video quality, usability and unparalleled feature set, including:

The MultiView feature of the EVQ-1000 allows the camera to emulate four cameras from a single source image. The main NTSC or PAL output provides a widescreen image plus up to three additional ZUP (Zoom Under Picture) images, which may be targeted at specific areas of interest within the widescreen source image. The user now has the ability to view and record 1, 2 or 3 ZUPs along with the widescreen main image, or to only record and view the widescreen image.

Electronic PTZ
Electronic PTZ is available via the second NTSC or PAL output. It allows the EVQ-1000 to emulate traditional pan-tilt and zoom functions entirely within the camera, providing significant cost savings. Electronic PTZ provides smooth pan and tilt in the area of the widescreen high definition source image, and also features up to 4X zoom with no apparent loss of output resolution. Industry standard remote control protocols* (Pelco, Kalatel) are now supported, further increasing system utility.

High definition video
By utilizing a progressive scan High Definition sensor, the EVQ-1000 captures details traditional cameras miss. The naturally widescreen source image delivers a broader field of view, which reduces the number of cameras required to cover a target area.

High Dynamic Range
Continually improving the video quality of the EVQ-1000, CoVi introduced the new "Shadow Detail" feature. Shadow detail accentuates details hidden within dark and shadowy areas of a scene without brightening other areas of the scene.

Ease of Use
Support of industry standard protocols makes the EVQ-1000 a simple camera to install and operate. Allowing the security professional to preset areas of interest enables instant access to critical areas of a scene greatly enhancing both operational flexibility and system performance.

"The EVQ-1000 continues to redefine security industry's video performance benchmark," said Stuart English, Vice President of Marketing, CoVi Technologies, Inc. "There is not another fixed analog camera available today that offers high definition image quality and a set of innovative features that stretches a user's budget, and provides them such operational flexibility."

*Some features not available with all protocols.