The Role of a Security Driver: Forgotten or Well Respected?

Evasive driving consultant Anthony Ricci looks at the concerns of executive protection drivers

Starting a job without all the tools needed could prove to be disastrous unless the Agent in Charge (AIC) could renegotiate or discuss the possibilities for a new transportation team? If he/she does make headway in selecting new drivers for the team what should he/she now consider? What makes a Security Driver different from a Chauffer or regular Limo Driver? What types of questions need to be addressed? Why consider someone with a security background for a driver?

First of all, many decisions should be based around the risk level of the job and the degree of chance that the Principal and detail may come under the threat of violent attack or even embarrassment. This is the type of risk that puts the client in harms way and ultimately could be the end of your career as an Executive Protection Agent. If there is any degree of chance that an incident may happen to the Principal and family then the Detail Leader or Agent in Charge must decide to hire responsible, reliable, and properly trained Security Drivers for the job. Whether the detail is a temporary assignment like the one described above or a permanent salary position such as providing protection for a corporation's executive staff, transportation and professional drivers should be considered a major priority!

First, in the event of an accident there could be terrible consequences for the principal and corporation. Risk of injury, or worse fatality, vehicle damage and paying the price of injury/down time for both the driver and principal is a large consideration. Using a trained driver will not negate all of your risks. However, it is definitely added insurance that a trained driver will have better skill and judgment level to avoid potential accidents/ambushes thus lowering injuries and damage rates. Basically, it is a big step in minimizing risk, which is all anyone can do. Risk will never go away but any AIC or Security Director can ultimately minimize potential risk.

Outside the realm of an accident there is always a chance of attack on the target (principal). Chances are you probably will not know right away that your principal was selected as a target. For numerous reasons your principal could get targeted by any number of criminals. Kidnapping of principals is less common in the United States, however, it does happen. In many countries kidnapping for ransom or religious & political reasons is a growing and quite prosperous industry in itself.

So what does this have to do with the driver? Lets take a quick look back at the last 30 years of vehicle attacks that happened in and along route. This is certainly not a complete list, just a snapshot from the Advanced Driving & Security Inc.'s database. Our database covers some of the major kidnappings and assassinations that took place through out the last 30 years.