Secure Computing's Security Solutions to Be Used at Pechanga Resort and Casino

SAN JOSE, Calif - Secure Computing Corporation, the experts in securing connections between people, applications and networks(TM), and Pechanga Resort and Casino today announced that Pechanga has deployed Secure's comprehensive line of security products. The entire solution deployed by Pechanga includes the Sidewinder G2 Security Appliance, SafeWord PremierAccess strong authentication and SmartFilter Web filtering to help safeguard Pechanga's network against the entire threat matrix.

Information security is one thing no casino wants to leave to chance. A successful hacking attack could give criminals access to money transfer information, customer credit card accounts, personal information and more. Pechanga Resort and Casino needed a security solution that would guard their sensitive network from known and unknown threats around the clock. They needed world-class protection against malicious code, spyware and cyberthieves waiting to compromise unguarded networks, so they turned to Secure Computing.

"Sidewinder G2 is best-of-breed," said Rod Luck, vice president of IT for Pechanga Resort and Casino. "We consider Sidewinder G2 as our 'eye-in-the-sky' for our network security, giving us the most technologically advanced solution available to protect our network at the perimeter from known and unknown threats."

With Trojans and keyloggers circulating around the Internet and stealing passwords, it's vital to positively identify remote users with strong authentication. "We chose SafeWord PremierAccess over other strong authentication products because we like the fact that SafeWord deploys event-based synchronous technology instead of time-synchronized, so we never have to wait for our tokens to sync up," said Luck. SafeWord PremierAccess helps eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with fixed passwords by providing users with a passcode that is only valid for one time use -- so even if a keyboard sniffer were to capture the passcode, it would be useless to a cybercrook.

Pechanga's desire to add yet another layer of protection at the gateway to block malware and spyware sites along with inappropriate workplace content led them to Secure Computing's award winning SmartFilter Web filtering solution. "We were using a filtering product that costs a lot more than SmartFilter, yet it didn't provide us with any added benefits to justify the constant patching and maintenance fees," said Luck. "SmartFilter has all of the bells and whistles, costs less and is versatile in our environment."

"We are pleased that Pechanga Resort and Casino selected our products after such careful and thorough comparison versus competing offerings," said Vince Schiavo, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Secure Computing. "Our company is the only one that could provide such a wide range of threat protection and security -- offering application-layer firewall protection, anti-spam, anti-virus, URL filtering and two factor authentication all from Secure Computing as a single source."