IndigoVision Releases Version 2.5 of its Video 'Control Center'

The latest release of IndigoVision's professional digital CCTV application software, 'Control Center', now matches and in many cases exceeds the features, functionality and performance of dedicated CCTV matrix systems. 'Control Center' provides control, administration, recording, viewing and playback of live video and audio over IP networks. It links IndigoVision's IP-based compression and network transmission technology with its unique Networked Video Recorders (NVRs) to provide a complete solution for digital CCTV.

Its significant cost advantage and the ability to easily interface to existing analog CCTV systems has caused many end users to replace their dedicated matrix systems with 'Control Center' solutions. As IndigoVision's IP-technology is very scaleable, the high cost associated with expanding hardware matrix systems is also overcome. The system can support up to 10,000 cameras.

'Control Center' version 2.5 offers enhanced virtual matrix features including keyboard and joystick support and the addition of Guard tours, which can be automatically scheduled for different times of the day. Dual monitor support is provided which allows users to view 50 live cameras simultaneously at 25/30fps.

This latest release also provides some new video management tools including automatic alarm protection and advanced motion search/detect facilities. All recorded video up to 2 hours before and after an alarm event is automatically protected from erasure during housekeeping when the hard disc is full. The system can now detect and search motion within a scene based on size and direction, for example one person walking in the opposite direction to the normal crowd movement. An advanced museum mode has also been implemented that not only detects objects permanently leaving an area of the scene, but also objects appearing such as an illegally parked car.