Cernium's Intelligent Video Management Systems Utilized in Johns Hopkins Security Upgrade

ST. LOUIS -- Cernium, Inc., the leader in behavior recognition software and intelligent video surveillance, today announced that its Perceptrak intelligent video management system is being used at The Johns Hopkins University as part of a recent security upgrade at the university's Homewood campus. Cernium's Perceptrak is part of a new network of cameras installed by iXP Corp., the primary consultant and solution architect for Johns Hopkins.

Cernium's Perceptrak system analyzes images from video surveillance feeds and alerts security personnel to behaviors that are suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary, such as a fallen person, lingering individuals or vehicles, erratic movement, abandoned objects, unauthorized personnel or vehicles in restricted areas, etc. Perceptrak currently monitors for 16 distinct, pre-defined behaviors. The system eliminates the boredom and fatigue-based errors that can arise from personnel monitoring dozens or hundreds of video feeds that are often displaying no activity at sprawling facilities over the course of a full work shift.

"Cernium is pleased to be a member of the iXP team that is delivering the security enhancements at The Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus," said Sean Patty, Cernium's CEO.