Integrator Pexx Saw Its Systems Tested by Rita

HOUSTON, TX - Pexx wireless networks were put to the test and proved to be stronger than the furious 120 mph winds of Rita. The reliability demonstrated by Pexx wireless networks during this hurricane is unprecedented. Several Gulf Coast emergency response teams, fire departments, transportation departments, water treatment plants, water providers, police departments and homeland security directives relied on this Texas-based company -- and they are glad they did.

"After the fury of Hurricane Rita calmed, the Pexx management team was very pleased to learn that all of their installations withstood the storm's wrath with absolutely no damage or interruptions," says Palmer Greene, Vice President and COO of Pexx. Greene continues, "Although we were extremely pleased, we were not at all surprised. The reliability of our networks during this extraordinary storm is evidence of the quality of work our outstanding team performs day after day, which is no surprise to me."

The robust installations performed by Pexx along the Gulf Coast area include an assortment of towers with levels up to 350 feet, numerous dish antennas up to six feet in diameter, and several smaller omni antennas mounted on rooftops and structures -- all in perfect condition after the storm. The company has several wireless networks and surveillance camera systems installed in the Texas Gulf Coast region including Houston, Katy, Galveston City, League City, Jersey City, Baytown, Port Arthur and Beaumont.

Pexx, Inc., a private company, is a technology-based integrator and VAR with over thirty years of varied industry and military experience. Pexx serves its clients from headquarters in Houston, and offices in San Diego and Beijing. The company is online at