New York Security Firm MSGI Acquires Stake in Italy's Excelsa

Companies to ally security offerings in cross markets with services, proprietary technology

Gianluca Longo, the CEO of Excelsa, added, "Just as MSGI will benefit from our existing client relationships in Europe, so too will Excelsa benefit from MSGI's relationships and the services it delivers in the United States. Excelsa and MSGI will create a powerful union with closely aligned service offerings and a unified vision. Our goal is to become a worldwide leader in delivering leading-edge security solutions to government and private-sector clients. We look forward to working with MSGI to actualize the tremendous potential of combining our two companies."

Excelsa's strategic plan calls for immediate expansion in Spain, France and Northern Europe. Moreover, MSGI and Excelsa are now in joint discussions with several potential strategic partners, which will further strengthen the combined company's array of security and law enforcement solutions around the world.