Jacksonville Airport to Deploy Video Security Technologies

ARLINGTON, Va. & JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Pyramid Vision, Duos Technologies and the Jacksonville Airport Authority announced today that they are working together to pilot a leading edge security visualization system at the Jacksonville International Airport. Duos Technologies will integrate Pyramid Vision's Video Flashlight and VisionAlert applications into a system that enables security forces to more rapidly assess and respond to potential security breaches. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is sponsoring the project under its airport security grant program.

"Jacksonville Airport Authority is proud of its track record of providing leadership while partnering with the TSA and private industry as a pilot test site for new security technologies," said Chip Snowden, Chief Operating Officer of the Jacksonville Airport Authority. "Adding these intelligent video tools is part of our continuing effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers and visitors."

"Airport closures due to security breaches impose substantial costs and distress on travelers, airlines, and government agencies," said Ron Krakower, Vice President of Business Development for Pyramid Vision. "This pilot will demonstrate that a visualization and video analysis system can substantially reduce the incidence of these closures, as well as the lost revenue and disruption of operations that accompany them."

Video Flashlight is a computer-aided visualization platform that combines live video images with three-dimensional facility models to produce an intuitive security display. It replaces traditional banks of CCTV monitors with an integrated, easy-to-navigate view that gives security operators a real-time comprehensive picture of their tactical situation. VisionAlert uses computer vision techniques to analyze video images and identify activities that may represent a security threat. The system can detect events such as the presence of suspicious packages and movement in unauthorized areas. The project will produce a custom configuration of Video Flashlight and VisionAlert to test the system's ability to handle a specific set of threat scenarios.

"The system will provide an additional capability to enable security personnel to rapidly and effectively respond to potential breaches in secure areas of Jacksonville International Airport," said Gianni Arcaini, CEO of Duos Technologies. "This pilot project addresses a challenging problem and after successful completion we expect to see broader deployment of these systems throughout the airport community."