Digimarc Launches Biometric ID Validation Solution

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Digimarc ID Validation Suite System Aligns with Federal Security Legislation by Authenticating and Archiving Credentials Presented to Establish One's Identity

Digimarc Corporation (Nasdaq:DMRCE) today announced its Digimarc ID Validation Suite (IDVS) system, an authentication and archiving solution developed to help issuers of government IDs meet the goals of new federal ID security legislation and support efforts to fight identity theft and fraud.

The Digimarc IDVS system is a comprehensive solution for enabling detection of falsified identity credentials at critical points of inspection such as Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices, in police cruisers, transportation access points, retail points of sale or any other environments where there is a need to ensure the authenticity of documents presented to establish one's identity.

"Given Digimarc's depth of experience with DMVs and document security, we are in a unique position to help our customers address the driver license security requirements of new federal legislation," said Bruce Davis, chairman and CEO, Digimarc. "The Digimarc IDVS system marks a new era in ID security. At Digimarc, we see a future where the IDVS offering can alert operators to validation issues based not only on alteration of a specific document, but also based on trends the system 'learns.' This is a major step forward in the fight against identity theft and in supporting homeland security measures."